City of Houston Open Challenge

Mayor Parker and Mayor Pro-Tem Gonzalez leave office at the end of the year.

For a final hackathon, City Council has identified three challenges for the tech community.

Instead of 24 hours, you have 2 months.

Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2015.

Scroll down for details.


Deed Restrictions

Study deed restrictions in the City of Houston and come up with a plan for managing this information. Where is it stored? Where should it be stored? How should it be communicated to the public? This challenge can be split into two parts: (1) data preparation, and (2) application development.

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Public Meeting Notifications

From city council sessions to neighborhood association meetings, Houstonians should easily be able to find the public meetings important to them. Your challenge is to create a shared calendar with a customizable notification system.

Looking for inspiration? We think CityGram is this idea on steroids.

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City Council Records

Every Wednesday, City Council meets to discuss policy and authorize spending. The minutes are reproduced online, but they are not easily reportable. Build a scraper that categorizes data in useful ways (such as Spending Authorizations, Motions, etc.) and organize this data into an open data set. Looking for inspiration? Check out Councilmatic.

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  • Open to the people of the world. There are no residency requirements.
  • We must receive your work submitted through this website by 11:59PM CT on December 1, 2015.
  • We are looking for projects that can be live and running before the end of the year, so we are giving priority to functional prototypes.
  • Your project must have a Creative Commons or another acceptable open source license.
  • All projects will be reviewed by a panel that includes personnel from the City of Houston Mayor's Office and City Council.


  • Winners of each of the three (3) challenges will win a $500 prize, funded by donations from our sponsors.
  • The City of Houston will commit up to $2,000 per project to fund immediate customization and implementation.
  • Each winner will meet with Mayor Parker and Mayor Pro-Tem Gonzalez for at least 20 minutes to discuss the project.
  • Each winner will receive a tour of Houston 311.

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